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The search through the shopping street for that right pair of loafers sometimes seems endless. Functional, fashionable and comfortable should go together in perfect harmony with this type of shoe. One or more of these requirements often leave something to be desired in the age of mass consumption of garments. Originally, the loafer, as the loafer is often called, was designed to be functional. The name loafers therefore refers to the verb 'loafing'. Today, many a modern man wears this with a casual outfit or suit, with or without socks, in almost every season.


The origin of the loafers

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the loafer probably originated in several regions of the world, so in principle mainly as functional footwear that could be worn both in the house and around the house. In England, the loafer was originally designed as a comfortable and easy loafer for the hunting society of mostly noble and royal class. This was adopted by an increasingly wider audience and eventually implemented as a neat, dandy outdoor shoe.

Meanwhile, a Scandinavian shoemaker was inspired by the age-old shoes of American, nomadic peoples: they had always made a 'shoe' by tying a piece of leather around the foot. He decided to design another type of loafer, the moccasin, based on the nomadic design. This shoe was loved by farmers throughout Northern Europe and was therefore mainly worn as work shoes. When this was subsequently noticed by the Americans, the functional character of the loafer increasingly faded and many fashionable models were released. The general public was now really familiar with the loafer as a fancy shoe. In the middle of the twentieth century, the southern European shoemakers also ventured into this trend, and with success.

Reinhard's Loafers

These smart shoes for men are made of the most beautiful leathers and the softest suede. Available in a number of colors as standard, including beige, brown, taupe, cognac, blue and black. And are the right loafers not listed? Then this can be made in the Customization Program.


Wide or narrow feet

A narrow foot or a bit wider? Our loafers are in stock in different lasts. This says a lot about the fit, but also about the nose of the shoe. Because while a wide last provides a comfort-fit fit with a rounder nose, a narrower last provides a comfortable, but slim-fit fit with a pointy nose.


Multiple versions

With or without a heel, small or large tassels (tassels), leather sole or all-weather sole, these are all options for your perfect loafers. Sometimes wingtips (a pattern of perforations in the shape of a wing) or flowers (a type of hole pattern) can be added as extra decoration on the nose. Our Driving Shoe Antibes is perfect for driving, which features a subtle studded sole.


More than just handmade dress shoes for men

All materials are purchased directly from tanneries throughout Europe and finally processed in our own workshop by the best craftsmen. Here we make our entire collection by hand, from our store collection to the shoes that are specially made on request. As icing on the cake, you can even choose to have the shoes patinated by us.


Patinated loafers

Unfinished calf leather for the loafers comes in 'bare', as a so-called 'crust'. This is open-pored skin with a beige exterior. When choosing a patina loafer, the crust is colored by hand in the desired color combination. Multiple colors are then mixed to give the patina the desired shade. The patina is mixed with different layers of color in the look of the shoe. To build up the right patina, a combination of the 12 mixing colors is made.


Popular patinas for loafers

Some of our most popular patina styles are: The Museum Patina, The Edge Patina, The Dark and Light Patina, The Pacific Blue Patina, The Wood Patina, The Classic Deep Dark Brown Patina, The Mahogany Patina, The Small Stripes Patina or of course The Personal Patina. Our patina artists are always happy to be inspired, so special requests are always more than welcome. Then they make a custom Personal Patina. Often chosen by associations, companies and institutions for a uniform appearance in accordance with the organization. Patinated loafers are very exclusive and unique.


Let us take you in our story and visit one of our stores.