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Venice Wood Patina

A shoe made out of one single piece of leather, called a ‘whole-cut’. To the maker this style is difficult and expensive to make since the shoe has to be smoothened out over the last and without any imperfections in the leather. Only the experienced shoemaker offers this style. We finish these shoes completely by hand in our Amsterdam patina atelier. Each shoe has it own ‘wooden’ character, since it is completely applied manually.

Must-have accessories

Industrial Cream Antique Light

Industrial Cream Antique Light

Leather care kit

Leather care kit

The Cedar Shoetree

The Cedar Shoetree

Stap 2: Select your size

Not sure about your size? Please contact our technical advisors through phone or chat to be sure about the correct size. We craft a unique handmade pair of shoes especially for you and therefore it’s not possible to return. Please visit our stores to experience the full custom journey and try multiple lasts for the perfect fit. Please don’t worry, we’ll make sure you choose the perfect pair of handmade shoes.


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Wood Patina

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