Sublime and Reinhard Frans launch shoe:

the Soul Sneaker

Radio station Sublime and shoe brand Reinhard Frans launch the Soul Sneaker. With this shoe, the two brands want to bring a high-quality and danceable shoe to the market in a playful way, especially for soul music lovers. The shoe was designed by the designers and artisan shoemakers of Reinhard Frans and the music lovers of Sublime. The completely handmade shoe is a unisex model made of white leather. A lime green suede accent has been added to the back of the shoe, and the word "Soul" is lasered on the bottom, referring to the radio station's most played genre and the shoe's handcrafted 'sole'.

“True craftsmanship in perfect balance with our eco system”



We used laser-technology to imprint this one-of-a-kind ‘Soul’ logo onto our white sneaker. An absolute must have for those who are into these genres of music. Reinhard Frans style is always about ease and grace, without trying too hard. That is why we put the subtle soul logo on the bottom. Those who know, know…those who don’t…won’t.

“The limited Soul Sneaker, with a unisex design”
“…Let’s get It On!!!”

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