The concept of Reinhard Frans started after a long family tradition of working with the absolute best manufactures of handmade shoes. In 2008 the dream was established by Reinhard and his sons. After a period of development the first Flagship Store was opened in Apeldoorn in 2012.

The competitive advantage of Reinhard Frans is the extremely efficient supply chain. All our activities are carried out in-house. We source our leathers from European tanneries. Our manufacturing is completely done in our factory by highly skilled shoemakers. Logistics are send directly to our shops with no distribution centers between us and the end customer. We operate from 10 stores throughout The Netherlands and Belgium. We manage all sales ourselves by selling directly to the end consumer.

Our handmade collection is designed and developed by our production team. Through know-how and good cooperation with our suppliers, we are able to use the absolute best materials on the market. It is important for us that animals have lived under good conditions, which is why we always communicate with the tanneries where the leather is sourced from. In our atelier the designed ideas are combined with true artisanal craftsmanship to create wearable pieces of art.

Reinhard Frans offers a customization program to create a unique pair of handmade shoes. The customer is able to choose his style of shoe, the best fitting last, leathers to be used as well as suitable soles. This program is supported by a configurator online. This customization program is possible for classic shoes and our modern sneakers.

A unique feature of Reinhard Frans is the ‘Patina’. Our shoes are hand-colored by our artists in our atelier. Hand-Patinating is the most exclusive form of manually aging leather with pigments and dyes. Our Flagship Store in Amsterdam offers live patina in-store. Through monthly in-store events, we connect clients who are interested in this form as art. The world is dominated by mass consumption. Most large retail chains create supply chains to increase and influence the demand of consumers. This process will stop eventually. Human beings produce in such amounts that can’t be processed with sustainable methods. Reinhard Frans manufactures products by hand that are carefully made with the least amount of overproduction. Our mission is to implement traditional craftsmanship into modern times.

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